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Your birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at the exact date, time, and location when you were born.

Every chart is unique—the intricate blueprint of one's life.

Let the wisdom of the universe guide you in taking advantage of your specific strengths and help you find ways to overcome the challenges of life.

Astrological Services Offered:

Synastry (Relationship Compatibility)

Horary (Divination)

July 14, 2022 AstroloTea

Why Your Rising Sign Matters

The rising sign is part of the “big 3” in astrology, but its significance is often not well understood or appreciated. The rising sign is thought to be much more important than the sun sign, and learning the lessons of your rising sign is one of the most efficient ways toward growth and a richer life. It’s to your detriment to ignore its lessons, as they are the deepest ones you are here to learn.


Cam has a great breadth and depth of knowledge in astrology.  The reading provided me with many insights into my character, and ways to use my strengths and address my weaknesses.  It also gave me insights into the situations I was navigating at that time in my life.  His presence is warm, kind, and his love for humanity shines right through in every interaction.  At the same time he has a no nonsense approach which helped me to apply the more esoteric insights in a very practical manner.

-Katherine Kelly
Cameron is the real deal, and his astrology readings have given me so much clarity. His readings have profoundly impacted my understanding of myself and my path. He shares his deep knowledge of astrology with such joy, compassion, and the best sense of humor. I can't recommend him highly enough.

-Komel Soin
Cameron has been studying astrology with me for many years now. He is knowledgeable and passionate, and is adept at interpreting the symbols of this ancient language. If you are looking for assistance or direction in any area of your life, Cameron is a great guide who can help you to find the best way forward.

-Mark Flaherty
I've known Cam since 2016 when he did an astrology reading for me at a retreat. Since then, we've had many discussions about my chart— always in the context of real life challenges I've been grappling with at the time. He has a knack for looking at a chart from multiple angles to help his clients make the most of their gifts and bring awareness to some of their challenges or blind spots. Cam brings a genuine curiosity and desire to help—which he always does through his practical insights and guidance.

-Anna Alexander
When my birthday comes around every year since 2017, checking in with Cam comes to mind. The times I’ve had him read my chart have been the perfect gift for myself. The guidance the chart has given me during our sessions has proven to be invaluable. To do a reading with him is an educational experience about me and my path, but also about the signs, the planets, the cosmos, and how I'm a part of it all.

-Danny Joseph
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Cam Joyner discovered his love of astrology many years ago in the Amazon rainforest, where he met his primary teacher Mark Flaherty. His formal study of astrology is ongoing and has led to comprehensive knowledge beyond the natal chart. His expertise extends into areas such as synastry, progressions, transits, horary, and solar arcs.

Within astrology, Cam is particularly fascinated with relationships as well as the karma of the United States. He is also a relationship/sexual health coach and uses astrology to facilitate emotional healing by peeling back the dysfunctional layers in his clients’ lives. If you are dealing with relationship and/or sexual issues, please contact Cam for a consultation today.



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