This is an introductory weekend workshop for budding astrologers. We’ll cover planets, signs, houses, and aspects as the foundation to your understanding of astrology. Examples from your own life will be used to help apply the concepts being taught.

This workshop is designed to be interactive, and you will be encouraged to ask and answer questions.

Class sizes are limited to maximize individual attention.
Zoom option available.

Last offered February 19-20, 2022.
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*Likely mid-spring 2022


  • Clean, easy-to-read copy of your natal chart (PDF)
  • Reference materials
  • Presentation slides
  • Video recording of workshop

Looking ahead...

Fundamentals of Astrology 102 will be offered when there is a core number of students proficient at the basic 101 level.

Topics to be covered:

*subject to change
  • Influence of planets ruling other planets
  • Mutual reception and mixed reception
  •  How the chart ruler’s influence dominates the rest of chart
  • House rulerships and empty houses
  • Intercepted signs
  • Out of sign aspects
Private lessons are also offered and can be scheduled based on your availability–book here!


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